Body hair?

I’ll start with the question,
  “is body hair hot?”

I personally don’t have much body hair, so I can’t say from a personal opinion if I like body hair as a life choice or not!, although I can’t say a little hair on a man isn’t attractive in a very roar male natural primal way.

There is such a thing as too hairy though!

Like back hair is a definite no – no .

It’s definitely a personal preference on a personal level and definitely a personal preference if you like that on a man.

How and why is a hairy man attractive?


Aftershave oh aftershaves

I have no problem in admitting I have an aftershave obsession!,

And it seems like males worldwide have suddenly started to match a woman’s need to smell nice along with many other ablutions.

While their are far too many to discuss I think it’s safe to say that most guys have a favourite scient but! Do they have the right aftershave for them? (If there is such a thing) although I’m sure many significant others have a favourite aftershave on their partners.

They range is prices that are out of this world, sometimes it can be eye watering looking at the price tag such as (TOM FORD) etc, although not all aftershaves have to break the bank, I guess it boils down to how much a person is willing to spend on smelling a certain way!
A good aftershave does a man wonders on a first date, possibly a job interview an can hold the power to a vast amount of compliments.


My question is: do aftershaves hold a huge part in the daily ritual for a man?

mens skin

Ok so,

We all have male friends, family, partners or in fact we are male ourselves lol.

But the question I put to you is how well do we/they look after their skin? We see so many advertisements about woman’s skin products, generally girls look after their skin as an actual beauty ritual,

But guys (not all guys) tend to not pay so much time or effort on this.

I have found as a 22-year-old man I don’t have naturally good skin!, an after seeing so many YouTube videos with females reviewing products it got me thinking,  what about the guys? So I did a little research an found that men (just like me) have problems an are actually looking for answers.

So by chance I had a fair few products land in my lap, so I decided to give them a go.

For the last week or so I’ve been using “liz earle” cleanse and polish for men, and as there was such a huge hype around the woman’s version I thought it was bound to be worth trying.

So this product comes in 2 steps,

●cleansing the skin with the product

●wiping away with the special cloth

It comes in a starter kit from liz Earles website and that’s 100ml pump bottle and that includes cloths and comes in at £15.50                Although I’m pretty sure this can be purchased in smaller sized and cheaper bottles.

If your prone to breakouts or have dry damaged skin this really is a miracle ,I’m actually shocked, and amazed at the results I’m seeing so far my skin just generally looks and feels so much better.

Crazy first publish, but I had to share it as I don’t think there’s enough information or guidance for men out there.